Friday, July 27, 2007


I DID IT! And I'm really glad I did. It has been an enjoyable learning experience and I feel I learned a lot.

Each of the 23 "things" was clearly explained and the podcasts that were included were an added bonus. The additional resources really added support to the "thing" being learned. The posting/assignment requirements were also clear.

I loved making the WIRED cover with Zilpha's photograph and posting photographs to the blog from Flickr. Also enjoyed visiting YouTube even though I was somewhat familiar with it already. I was surprised I enjoyed the NetLibrary downloaded audio book. It was fun to listen to it while I worked on the remaining 23 Things but I've never been one to listen to music while I work so I probably wouldn't download to my desktop again. Perhaps I will to my new MP3 player! Learning about wikis coincided with a wiki assignment for my class so that "thing" was very helpful.

I still am not sold on the podcasts, RSS feed, blogs, IM, etc. It just seems like too much information for me. I don't want to be continuously bombarded with info; I feel my brain is overloaded enough. I still enjoy reading a newspaper and have no one to IM- I just use the phone. I'm glad to have learned about everything and in fact I was impressing my YA children with much of my knowledge, but I will not use much of it. Call me old school. I guess I just feel that I spend enough time at my computer and while I appreciate the knowledge gained, for the most part I won't be an active participant in many of the technologies. Despite my personal misgivings, I encourage everyone to complete the 23 Things.

I enjoy learning so there was no question I would participate in the program and probably will participate in future programs. What made this fun was that there was really no pressure and lots of support to "hang in there" and the availability of help when you hit a snag.

Thanks for the opportunity to learn about things I might never have pursued on my own.


Viewed the tutorials for Overdrive and NetLibrary and created a NetLibrary account. Downloaded Maria Shriver's "And One More Thing Before You Go." Must admit this is the first audio type book I have listened to (see #21). Enjoyed it immensely. Didn't have any real trouble dowloading although there was a long wait while the license was acquired. Visted the Project Gutenburg site and found it a fascinating and worthwhile undertaking.


I visited both and I actually had some difficulty with a podcast I wanted to hear about the Pittsburgh Penguins; it just never played. So instead I moved on and added the RSS feed to my bloglines account for the Kankakee Public Library's BiblioTech from I listened to a portion of the 50 min. podcast of the "History in the Movies" by Dr. Cathy Schwartz. There are regular podcasts on a variety of topics from KPL. I then listened to the Irish & Celtic music podcast on The podcast was #27 from Dec. 2006. Quite enjoyable and soothing. This was also added to my favorite feeds on my bloglines account.

I'm not sure podcasts are for me; I have yet to listen to an audio book! As I scrolled through the listings of the different genres or when I did a search I wondered how I would know what a particular listing was about. I then discovered, at least on podcastalley that if you click on the listing, a brief summary of what the podcast is about is revealed. That helped a lot.

Friday, July 13, 2007


Visited YouTube. Some great and some not-so great. I'm amazed at the variety of videos and the some of the quality. I watched "Liviving in Dingle: A Walk with Mike Barry" and this is very artistic, almost like an independent film (yes the title is spelled exactly the way it appears on YouTube). Some of my favorites are the controversial Will Ferrell one about Pearl the Landlord. Does that baby really say those bad words?? Also enjoy some library/book related videos. For real laughs visit "Behind the Scenes: Technical Services" and "Monk Needs Help Opening a Book." You will laugh out loud. And of course, "Wren's Day" about a holiday parade in Ireland, Dunquin in fact, which is featured earlier in this blog. I actually know a few in this video.

The concept of YouTube is great. Do worry about being filmed without permission though.


Went to the Awards List and looked at several of the headings. Clicked on a few. Nothing really caught my eye. Decided to click on GAMES, don't know why since I don't really play any games. Found Guess-the-Google. What fun. Really enjoyed it and had 135 points overall. I recommend you check it out I'm sure you will find it fun too.


#18 Read about online apps. Used Google docs and found a word document (shamrocks) to upload. Followed the directions and had it posted directly to the blog. Very easy to do.


I tried to register my blog on the Sandbox wiki but for some reason it would not accept it. I even have a witness to my many tries and she agrees it was not ME!

So instead I am writing about posting to the wiki for my Serials class. We were each assigned a serials term to define and were to post our definition to the Serials Definition Wiki. Had no problem cutting & pasting my document; even the links in the document were ok -something Maurice told me to check. When I tried to create a hyperlink to the main page, I nearly messed the whole thing up. Spent 2 hours trying to figure out that piece. Totally forgot that Irmgarde had told me to make a new page for my definition and go back to the main/front page and link from there. After a good night's sleep I realized I might know how to make the link. A video instruction sent by my professor after a frantic email the previous night confirmed I was on the right track. All is now well and my definition is on the wiki! I have another to do for this class and one planned in FY08 at work.